UNbroken (Uganda)


The work of Children’s Hope Chest Uganda (CHCUG) is characterized by their investment into the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children, together with their communities. CHCUG enables them to realize their full potential within their communities. In doing so, God is glorified through the transformations that come about in these communities.

As part of this strategy, the UNbroken Grief Support Program (UNbroken) will equip participants to be set free from their imprisonment to emotional pain of the past, in order to move into emotional freedom and liberation from unresolved emotions related to painful life experiences. UNbroken will empower participants to, through God’s help, develop positive life strategies to overcome painful events, find purpose in their pain, grow in resilience, and live inspirational lives, sharing their transforming testimonies for the glory of God and benefit of the community.

Foundation Biblical Scripture

The foundation Bible verse for the UNbroken course is taken from Psalm 147:3: “He heals the broken hearted and binds up their wounds”.

UNbroken will offer a Christian perspective on pain, suffering, and most importantly, overcoming our life-changing events through the empowering presence of God in our lives. Furthermore, UNbroken will give participants the opportunity to assess their own relationship with God and evaluate the growth of this relationship during the course. As part of UNbroken, communities will get a chance to evaluate their relationships with each other, and be motivated to support and take good care of their young people. Ultimately, the content offered as part of UNbroken will lead communities and children to find God in their pain, allowing Him to take them on the healing journey of becoming unbroken.

Target Audience and Structure

UNbroken will be presented to adults and children as a two-pronged strategy for uplifting communities from emotional poverty and captivity of unresolved emotions related to painful life experiences.

The ‘first prong’ – delivery of a short course for adults/community which will be open for attendance by any members of the community:

  • Community: A six-session, 6-hour course – UNbroken Community – will be presented to small groups of adults at a time with the following objectives: 
    • Emotionally sensitize community members to help them.
    • Understand the impact of loss in our lives.
    • Empowering them to take ownership for creating safe, caring and nurturing environments for (their) children who have experienced loss and life-chancing events.
  • Children: A six-week, 6-hour course – UNbroken Children – will be delivered to small groups (6-8 members) of children aged 10-18, with the following objectives:
    • Offer children a safe, non-threatening small-group environment to process their grief experience.
    • By using a systematic approach in identifying loss experiences and related feelings.
    • Offering strategies to help integrate the loss into their lives, and
    • Enabling peer-to-peer support to help participants pass through the painful event and live victoriously.
UNbroken Within CHC Survive-Thrive-Succeed Model

We believe that, as people journey through the content of the UNbroken, they will become more self aware, grow in resilience and steadily move from mere surviving painful events, to living successful lives, restored, healed and UNbroken.

UNbroken Community (Adults)
UNbroken Children
Understanding how I influence children in my community; motivated to be a positive contributor to the community, who offers safety and emotional support for their children. Strenghtened in my relationship with God as a result of my experiences. Not a victim but victorious over the pain. Willing to share my testimony openly and confidently.
Fully integrate loss-experience into their lives and live a resilient life that impacts others with Hope that they can also overcome their painful experiences. Strenghtened in my relationship with God as a result of my experiences. Not a victim but victorious over the pain. Willing to share my testimony openly and confidently.
Knowing how loss impacts me and my behaviour, which in turn affects those around me and my community. Better understanding for others who experience loss.
Understand the changes in their lives and emotions related to loss; no longer living in the pain of the past but starting to believe that they can be successful in their lives.
Owning my experiences by identifying losses and evaluating it’s impact thereof on them and the community.
Identify losses. 
Normalise experiences. 
Build confidence to talk & share experiences.