Sisekelo Setfu (Swaziland)


Facilitating spiritual growth, through a relationship with Jesus Christ that leads to a deeper understanding of who God is.


Delivery of a systematic three year curriculum, built on Luke 10:27: Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind; and Love your neighbour as yourself.


Learning will happen in a three pillar approach under the banner of Luke 10:27 A) Love God B) Love myself C) Love my neighbour.


Over the three years attendees will develop:

  • A deeper understanding and foundational belief in God and Jesus Christ.
  • Strong Christian identity with firm understanding of Christian principles, which leads to going into the community to positively contribute.

Three Pillars – Three Years

The Curriculum consists of three Pillars. Pillars A, B and C. In each year, all three Pillars will be taught. The ‘depth‘ of what will be taught will change from Year1 to Year3.

Pillar A teaches about God, the Word, His mercy, love, righteousness and also on how to accept Christ as Saviour. Even though the ‘love yourself‘ par of this scripture comes after the ‘love you neighbour’ part, we felt it important to help kids discover their true value and self worth. Many of the kids struggle with low self esteem and often battle with a feeling of worthlessness. We have discovered more and more, as we have been teaching the Ngesikhatsi Grief share program, that children feel rejected and unimportant mainly because of their experience during times of loss. Therefore we felt the best to change around the scripture a bit, and focus on why I should love myself, and how much God loves me. We believe that, as we fill up their self-worth tank, and they discover the true love of God and how much He values us, that kids will be compelled to (Pillar C) ‘love their neighbour’ and others around them. In Pillar C we discuss matters like respect, serving, helping and how identified need in their community and general aspects of love.

As we continue to teach on each of these Pillars over the three years, topics which were taught during Year 1 will also feature in year two and three. Some of these topics will be used to further expand the teaching and life lessons as we continue over the three year process.