SELFIE (Uganda)

facingUP has been actively involved in partnership with Children’s HopeChest (CHC) in Swaziland since 2012/13. This collaboration led to the extension of our partnership to CHC in Uganda (UG).

We’ve been able to complete the development of a culturally relevant, locally developed Ugandan Grief Support Course, which is presented at all the CHC CarePoints in Uganda. UNbroken_Children_UG, was developed after a training course fUSS presented, called SELFIE. (Sensible sensitivity for Individual Emotional Experiences) The session was delivered to 40 CHC UG staff March/April 2016. A video with feedback from this training, and the impact in their lives is available here: 

 Uganda Grief and Trama Training (To sign in, use the password: chcuganda.)

SELFIE Feedabck

“THANK YOU for bringing this to our Ugandan staff…it is inspiring and transformative work you are doing. Wonderful testimonies to the work God is doing among the CHC Uganda Staff as we continue to work to be more effective servants among the vulnerable children and communities our CarePoints serve.” – Ken Sparks (CEO CHC)

“It’s been good and important in my life. I got to realise that when you had a problem some time back, that problem can help you in the future to come out of a situation. I have learnt to deal with grief, and this will help me to help others to come out of their situations.”

“I have learnt more about myself and realised that in challenges, there are others who also go through them – I am not alone. I have realised that every child I work with has unique problems to his own life and I can offer support to them in that situation. This greatly helped me.”

“SELFIE training helped me to understand how things that happened in my past, has affected the decisions I have made in my life. Getting in sights into these situatiosn have helped me to address the issues in my life.”

“The training enabled me to to get the knowledge and ability to share the deep things in my life with others.”

“I have learnt how to turn my past negatives into my today’s’ positives!”

“I’ve learned about the danger of unresolved emotions and their negative impact. Now I can help children work through their negatives.”

“At times we feel like forgetting our painful pasts. But I’ve realised that there can be purpose in that pain, and it can strengthen me for my future. It has inspired me for my own future. This will help me to help children I work with.”

“This training has changed what I have felt about myself and my life for 24 years. I now embrace my experiences and look towards my life positively. I embrace difficult situations that make me learn new things. This will help us change the lives of all of our communities and we shall have a better future.”