• Two out of 3 of children, in South Africa, don’t live with their parents.
  • Nine million children grow up without fathers (48%).
  • Almost 50% of marriages in South Africa end in divorce.*

These grim stats are the very reason why we at facingUP Support Services make a fUSS about helping young people and their communities to faceUP to these challenges of loss and life-changing events.

*Stats: Institute of Race Relations SA 2009/10.

Our Strategy

fUSS invests in the lives of young people through various educational, motivational and strategic programmes. These programmes have been presented locally and internationally in partnership with schools and locally based NGO’s. These programmes have been presented to more than 20 000 young people and 700 adults.

Our flagship programme, the Lost&Found course, has been developed specifically to help young people understand their feelings, develop resilience and play a positive part in their community.

L&F course Contents

The L&F course covers topics related to loss and life-changing events such as divorce, bereavement and displacement, and related feelings. The course also explores positive behaviour strategies for HIV/AIDS prevention. The L&F course is delivered by trained fUSSilitators who ensure that there is on-going support within the community. fUSS always aims to partnerUP with local schools, churches and youth organisations when presenting the course.

The course material is presents to a small group of young people in a highly interactive way and includes group activities, work sheets and self-evaluation exercises. Young people are encouraged to share their own experiences with their peers in a safe non-threatening environment.


The L&F course cost R290 per young person (R2320 per group of young people). Costs are subject to change depending on the venue and amount of groups presented. As fUSS we believe the course should be accessible to everybody to help them grow stronger through their respective life-changing events and therefore we try and make funding the course possible for everybody.