Corporate Support

  • is a CIPRO registered Section 21 (not-for-profit) Company (004081/08)
  • is a Public Benefit Organization with Section 18A Tax Exempt Status (930/036/181) 
  • Level 4 BEE contributor (as Exempt Micro-Enterprise)

Tax benefits for Donors: 

If you are a South African taxpayer, you may be entitled to deduct the total value of your donations made to facingUP in any given tax year, up to a limit of 10% of your taxable income.
Individuals who make donations of R1000 and more, are also eligible for a tax certificate.

fUSS uses funds received in the following ways:

  1. Delivering of Lost&Found courses to young people who have suffered life-changing losses. 
  2. Providing Educators with Emotional Awareness Training to help them understand how to support learners who have suffered loss; 
  3. Presenting Grade-specific programs in schools, addressing issues like ‘Healthy life choices’, ‘Vision’, ‘Subject choices’.
  4. Delivering talks at parents evenings.

Please contact us on if you want to support fUSS 

Bank Account: facingUP Support Services SA; Standard Bank, Constantia; Acc. nr: 276211847 Branch Code: 025309