Our Values

facingUP Support Services South Africa – what we believe

We believe Psalm 34:18 to be relevant in times of turmoil:

“If your heart is broken, you’ll find God right there; if you’re kicked in the gut,
He will help you catch your breath.” – The Message


“Pile your troubles on God’s shoulders – He will carry your load, He will help you out.” – Psalm 55:22

The support fUSS offers is motivated by, and based on the following foundational principles:

Encourage – Support – Celebrate


“He will give you strength to endure.” 2 Cor. 1:7

“Be brave. Be strong. Don’t give up.” Psalm 31:24

“Anyone who meets struggles head-on and faces up to it, is amazingly flourishing”. James 1:12

“Kind words heal and help.” Prov. 15:4

Supporting those in emotional turmoil

“When you are treated well, given a helping hand and an encouraging word, that works to spur you on, facing forward, unwavering.” 2 Cor. 1:6

“Speak up for people who have no voice, for the rights of all the down-and-outers.” Prov 31:8

“Never walk away from someone who deserves help; your hand is God’s hand for that person.” Prov.3:27

Celebrating life (and victories over difficulties faced in life)

“When ‘down-and-outers’ get a break, cheer!” James 1:9

“When others are happy, be happy with them. If they are sad, share their sorrow.” Rom 12:15

It is our experience that most people ask questions about faith/God when facingUP to significant life-changing events. As a Christian Organisation, we encourage young people to investigate what their own faith teaches about God during suffering, whilst offering a Christian perspective on loss and emotional support during the grief process.

fUSS believes in partnering with other like-minded organisations, who share the vision of supporting families and/or individuals who have suffered loss or significant life changing experiences. Therefore, where fUSS is unable to offer support, we will endeavour to find suitable support for the person in need.