Our Logo

Every day we all face a variety of challenges, struggles and encounters that offers us two options: ignore (read ‘run’) or face up to it.

facingUP Support Services (fUSS) involves ourselves with assisting those who live in fear because of painful experiences – the broken hearted, the destitute and hopeless and those who would benefit from an UPlifting word – encouragement and support as they face their challenges head-on. This blurry font used as part of our logo, symbolizes the ‘fogginess’ and gloominess that often accompanies a time of struggle or a challenging time in your personal life. Though the font is slightly fuzzy, it is still a strong legible font, resembling the resolute attitude of standing firm when facingUP to trials.

Challenging times can make us cower in fear. fUSS believes that growing through difficulty helps us develop and become more resilient; that’s is why we encourage and support people to face UP to trails.

In order to get through our tough times in life, it helps to have role models, mentors, peers, and others who have overcome difficulty to look UP to. We learn from each other, and gain courage to keep growing UP through painful experiences.

‘UP’ also serves as a reminder to not only look down and be kept occupied by the difficulty of the situation, but also raise our gaze and look UP with a hope heart of overcoming.

Lastly, and most significantly for fUSS, we are a Christian organization that obtains its energy, determination and reason for existence from God and the Bible. Therefore, in our lives, when faced with trails and tribulations, we find strength for our challenges in God; He is the reason we look UP. 

“Pile your troubles on God’s shoulders – He will carry your load, He will help you out.” – Psalm 55:22. He is our hope and encouragement, our support, and the reason we can celebrate overcoming difficulties. Because of what He has done in our lives, we can journey with others.

“encourage – support – celebrate”

Our motivation as fUSS is to encourage, support and celebrate.
We encourage adults (parents, teachers, community workers and volunteers) and young people who are facingUP to difficulty and strain in their lives, relationships, and communities. Our encouragement is bursting with positively charged motivation and reasonable hope of ‘getting through’ the challenge.

Biblical Encouragement:

“He will give you strength to endure.” 2 Cor. 1:7
“Be brave. Be strong. Don’t give up.” Psalm 31:24

Our varying support to communities includes grief-group support, individual support, mentoring, career-path decision making, parenting support, parenting courses, youth leadership programs, Positive Behaviour Interventions in schools, motivational programs, fUSSilitator and volunteer training.

“When down and outers get a break, cheer!” (James 1:9 The Bible) 

That’s why fUSS believes in celebrating the good things that come from bad situations. When we celebrate how far we have come on the journey of growing through our pain, it spurs us on to continue growing. It also encourages others for enduring in their own journey of overcoming. It feeds the I-can-get-through-this-seed in the minds of those in the midst of battle. Celebrations spread the good news of resilience! We celebrate the ‘victories’ of a parent-child relationship that’s been restored; we celebrate young people who have hope for their future despite the death of a parent; we celebrate the courageous hearts of those who overcome poor health, personal pain, and hopelessness with their resilience that says, “I can overcome”.