Our Board

Ettienne “JoE” Lombard – Founder

Ettienne is husband to Jenni – she is (by far) the prettier part of their blessed union. They live in Cape Town, South Africa. Jenni and JoE are the founders of facingUP Support Services SA (fUSS for short)  JoE is a highly motivated, self-driven individual who derives his strength, motivation and purposeful-direction from his relationship with God. Although christened Ettienne, ‘JoE’ (Jesus owns Ettienne) is a much easier name for those whose mother-tongue is not English or French, which is why he is ‘JoE’ when working in Africa.

He studied Public Relations Management in Pretoria, has 8 years of Secondary School teaching experience in South Africa (SA) and United Kingdom (UK) and holds a Diploma in Non-Profit Management with University of Stellenbosch Business School. He further holds qualifications in: Child Psychology, Advance Psychology, Child Behavioural Management, Depression and Anxiety Management and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Training.

JoE has several years’ experience of supporting young people through painful life experiences, and is passionate about equipping volunteers to do the same.  He thrives when working cross culturally, and regularly delivers training in South Africa, Swaziland, Uganda.  He also delivers training to Community volunteers from countries such as Gabon, Sierra Leone, Burkina Faso, Eritrea, Myanmar, Madagascar and Lesotho, through the proud partnership fUSS enjoys with ALICT (www.itl.org.za).

Ettienne has a passion to see people develop to their full self-potential, and therefor spends his energy working as CEO of facingUP Support Services NPO, as well as a consultant for UPnOVER Training Cc. and Zifundise Training and Consulting. These companies deliver Leadership Skills training and other human development programs. He also works as consultant to United States based Adventures in Missions (www.adventures.org) and Childrens HopeChest (www.hopechest.org) overseeing staff training and development as well as localized curriculum development and implementation in Swaziland and Uganda.  

As a positively-powered person, JoE has a passion for enabling local communities to unite in purpose in order to support and protect their young people, and celebrate the success of overcoming difficulties within respective communities. He is fluent in English and Afrikaans, conversational Xhosa and belly dancing..

Ian Smith – Chairman
Ian is a Chartered Accountant by trade and currently works at a private education company. He is married to Glenda and his blended family consists of 3 boys Phillip, Taquoma and Damian. He enjoys running long slow distances. Having personal experience of the loss of a parent, as well as separation and divorce, he has a heart for the care – and coping needs of young people faced with these life changing situations. He believes there is hope for every situation and that the work done by facingUP, especially through the Lost&Found courses, is a blessing to all souls and an extension of God’s Kingdom. “The joy of the Lord is your strength.” Nehemiah 8:10.

Jenni Lombard – Secretary
(and wife to Ettienne, Founder of facingUP)
I work full-time in the corporate world and after-hours spend as much time with my husband as possible. These are special times as he is away often for facingUP. But being involved in fUSS and L&F is important, as it is about building a legacy of something that is bigger than me and bigger than my small circle of everyday influence. By supporting this NPO I know I am using my limited time wisely to impact many lives in many communities. Find out how your strengths or interests can fit in with fUSS through things you might already be doing i.e. Sports activities, admin/excel, graphic design…you too can Get Involved and make a lasting difference in people’s lives! 

Carike (Kriek) Gerber
Happily married (to one husband) and mother to my way too clever 7 year old daughter who I am trying to homeschool. We have been living and serving in Swaziland for the past 10 years. I love the beach, being outdoors, and traveling. I love Jesus and I love the journey He has me on. I also love the way God connects people and their / our stories. I am thankful for the way the ministry here in Swaziland has been able to partner with facingUP … for the impact this relationship has made in the lives of our staff, the children we work with and the communities we work in …. and for the deep friendships that grew out of this partnership.

Craig Jagga – Treasurer
I joined facingUP approximately 2 years ago. I have B.Comm degree, have worked in many different industries and even ran my own business for a period. I am blessed to be part of the facingUP team and am inspired by the tireless work and commitment shown by Ettienne and his helpers in assisting children and adults dealing with grief and loss in their lives. As Treasurer I want to ensure that we can raise additional funds, tithe in an appropriate manner and where possible expand the facingUP footprint further into Africa.