About Us

facingUP Support Services South Africa (facingUP or fUSS) is a Christian-based Section 21 Company and Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) that offers support, care and counseling:
  • to young people, communities and families of all cultural backgrounds, 
  • who have been affected by life changing circumstances or/and have experienced significant life changing events (like divorce/bereavement/displacement) 
  • through the material called Lost&Found

We offer this support with the aim to: 
  • enable a young person/people to identify the emotions related to their loss; 
  • help them to make sense of their loss and the impact on their life; 
  • develop positive behaviour strategies to cope with the changes they are facing; 
  • motivate them to grow through their experiences in order to offer support to others in their communities who might have endured similar experiences; 
  • enable them to live with Hope for their future; 
  • becoming a positive influence to their peers and communities who have experienced similar losses and life changing circumstances. 

It is our experience that most people ask questions about faith/God when facingUP to significant life-changing events. As Christians, we encourage young people to investigate what their faith teaches about God during suffering, whilst offering a Christian perspective on loss and the grief process. 

We believe Psalm 34:18 to be relevant in times of turmoil:
“If your heart is broken, you’ll find God right there; if you’re kicked in the gut, He will help you catch your breath.” – The Message
“Pile your troubles on God’s shoulders – He will carry your load, He will help you out.” – Psalm 55:22
The support fUSS offers is motivated by, and based on the following key principles:
Encourage – Support – Celebrate 

Company Status:
facingUP Support Services is a:
Non-profit Company (NPC) – formerly Section 21 Company: 2011/004081/08
Registered Public Benefit Organisation – PBO File No. 930/036/181
18A Tax Exempt Status (PBO)