By Sweating4GOOD, our doGOODers have consistently enabled fUSS to support young people to grow through their respective challenges and painful life experiences.

facingUP Support Services (fUSS) involves ourselves with assisting those who live in fear because of painful experiences – the broken hearted, the destitute and hopeless and those who would benefit from an UPlifting word – encouragement and support as they face their challenges head-on.

fUSS invests in the lives of young people through various educational, motivational and strategic programmes. These programmes have been presented locally and internationally in partnership with schools and locally based NGO’s.

facingUP [feysing-uhp] 

The dictionary describes it as: 

“to face: have boldness; nerve; dignity”/ “up: toward; to a higher point; a more elevated position” 

facingUP Support Services (fUSS) direct our determination and drive toward: 

  • Supporting young people and communities to make sense of life-changing events, such as death, divorce and displacement; 
  • Encouraging them through the process of integrating the loss into their lives; 
  • Develop resilience through the growth-process, in order to live victorious lives, making a positive contribution to their communities. 

fUSS offers our support through individual, one-2-one support, small group support programs, big group/whole-school intervention programs and presentations to learners and educators. We develop and deliver programmes that equip young people faceUP to their painful and difficult situations, while supporting them through the process of overcoming those challenges, encouraging them to grow in resilience, and becoming positive role-players in their community. 

Our programs are: 

  • age appropriate 
  • adaptable 
  • culturally relevant and sensitive 
  • highly interactive educational 
  • and motivationally focused 
  • while allowing for self-discovery and self-realisation. 

The training, support and programs fUSS offers are designed to: 

  • Inspire young people of all ages. 
  • Equip local volunteers, who have an on-going commitment to their local community, with relevant educational and developmental material. 
  • Assist and enable young people to faceUP to, and overcome the challenges in their lives, thereby taking individuals ‘to a higher, more elevated point’ in their lives. 
 fUSS has an A B C strategy when it comes to offering our support